Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
A WOMAN claims that we can all achieve super soft, shiny,  luxurious hair by doing this one simple hack and believe me we are absolutely astounded by her results.

Influencer Audrey Victoria posted the amazing video which saw her transform her own wet, waist length chocolate tresses into a gorgeous, healthy looking shiny mane and she swears by this secret hack.

The Influencer shared a hack that left her waist length chocolate tresses looking amazing

She captioned the video You Need to Try This Hair Washing Hack and proceeded to show her 2.4M followers what she did to get the amazing results.

Firstly she shampooed her hair, rinsing thoroughly she then went on to give it a deep condition. 

With the conditioner still on her tresses she shared the ingenious hack that swears by to keep her locks shiny and manageable.

She added a wet and warm cotton T shirt to her hair and wrapped her own hair in the shirt.

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Leaving it on her hair for 30 minutes, she then removed the T-shirt and gave her hair another rinse this time with cold water.

She proceeded to dry her hair and the finished result was spectacular.

She showcased her beautiful, chocolate tresses that would not look out of place after a trip to any high end salon.

The video amassed over 1.4m likes with hundreds of followers flocking to her page to leave a comment.

Sage posted: “Your videos have helped my hair grow faster and healthier, thank you so much.” Eulogiaa added: “I tried this and OMG my hair became so smooth I RLY love it. Thank you so much.” 

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Ellawigs1987 wrote: “Wow it’s such beautiful hair.” ClaraKpopsoft also commented and said: “Thank you so much it works, I tried many products but they didn’t work, but this works, once again thank you so much.”

Audrey often shares her time saving hair hacks to her Instagram page and in the past she has posted posh looking updo’s and blow drying hacks to combat frizzy hair.


This ingenious hack has been liked by over 1.4M followers on her Tik Tok page[/caption]

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