Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
THIS is the moment a Scots dad dramatically spits out his false teeth following a stomach-churning challenge.

Fearless Thomas Docherty’s family challenged him to knock back a packet of eye-watering Hot & Spicy Pickle-In-a-Pouch.

Fearless Thomas Docherty knocked back a spicy pickle brine
The Ayrshire dad’s false teeth went flying after guzzling the juice

With the 55-year-old guzzling down the red-hot mix without batting an eyelid.

However, seconds after consuming the fiery pickle brine the Ayrshire daredevil let out an agonizing cough.

Resulting in his choppers shooting out from his mouth and landing on the road.

The clip has since went viral and has racked up over 10,000 views.



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And the hilarious stunt has left social media users in stitches, as one wrote: “This is actually hilarious.”

Another said: “I’m howling .”

A third commented: “What u like way they teeth! Good one can’t stop laughing.”

While one added: “This is amazing.”

And in another hysterical incident a sozzled woman stumbled past her own front door after popping out for a “quick lunch” with pals.

CCTV footage showed the lady lurching around the back of a car and past her front door before face planting in the road outside her house.

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The footage was shared to her TikTok by her husband who said she had been drinking cocktails for six hours.

He posted: “The wife came home after lunch with friends… six hours on the cocktails… but will she make it through the front door…”

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