Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
VLADIMIR Putin has partially mobilised troops in an escalation of the war in Ukraine – and ominously warned the West he would hit back.

Following previous delays, at 7am BST Putin finally spoke – and warned his nation would “protect its sovereignty”. The despot also reminded the West that Russia has modern weapons of destruction, saying: “I am not bluffing.”

He also confirmed Russia would trigger a “partial mobilisation” of troops – which would include conscripting Russians to join the Ukraine war – after saying the West had “crossed the line”.

He said: “I stress it is partial mobilisation. Only those who are in reserve will be conscripted.”

The UK’s Defence Minister, Ben Wallace has said that Putin’s invasion “is failing” after the recent announcement of escalating the war.

Read our Ukraine-Russia live blog below for the latest udpates…

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