Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

A song about being born a mere “mortal” amidst a reign of “gods”, going beyond your limits to ascend the stars – and still shots of players and giant mechas is the best we get?

No Pantheon, who literally ascended Mount Targon, only to be exploited by the gods, nearly having his body destroyed by said god in a fight with Aatrox – yet Pantheon still managed to defeat Aatrox by sheer mortal power alone, ascending to godhood as a man.

No Taric, who nearly died on his rise to Mount Targon, constantly criticized by others his entire life for not being a proper warrior and knight, literally faced with visions of his mistakes and those he failed, his past shattering his mind so he would lose conscience and freeze to death before reaching the peak.

No Aphelios – that while not having ascended Mount Targon – still suffers every single day as a weapon, fighting against the Solari’s oppression upon his people, just so hopefully he can bring some peace to Targon under the Lunari’s “faithful” command. And maybe once the conflict is over, he may finally be able to rise to the stars and see his dear sister again.

They said I wouldn’t make it out alive

They told me I would never see the rise

Why worship legends when you know that you can join ’em?

I know that I’ma die reachin’ for a life that I don’t really need at all

I’m headed to the stars, ready to go far

I’m star walkin’

They made an entire song about Mount Targon, ascension, prejudice, pain and gods.

And they made an animation about fucking mechas lol. I really wish they completely scrapped the entire player presentation they’re obligated to do every year for the sake of being able to tell the story of these characters to an absolute banger of a song. It’s becoming repetitive and tacky at this point, and it shows.

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