Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
A SCOTS deputy head teacher has admitted having a romantic relationship with a pupil who he later moved into his home.

Ian Berstan formed a close relationship with the schoolgirl from Peterhead Academy in Aberdeenshire where he worked when she was aged between 15 and 16-years-old.

He knew that the youngster was attracted to him and later went on to hug and kiss her on the lips on multiple occasions when she was 16-years-old.

Ian Berstan
The teacher moved a 17-year-old pupil into his home. Credit: Deadline News

The inappropriate relationship was said to have started in 2020 and carried on until December 2021 when Berstan now aged 50 temporarily moved the then-17-year-old into his home.

Berstan, who taught modern studies before becoming a deputy, then admitted to moving the teen into his house on a permanent basis in January this year where he formed and maintained a sexual relationship with her.

It is unknown whether the pair are still in a relationship and living together.

However, the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) last night revealed how Berstan has been removed from the teaching register following an investigation into the sexually motivated relationship.

He agreed to a “removal with consent order” meaning he admitted to all the allegations brought against him.

However, the move saved him from having to face a public hearing which would have exposed more details about his inappropriate relationship with the pupil.

In a signed removal order dated 11 August this year, Berstan admitted: “I, Ian Berstan, declare that I admit the below allegations in full.

“Whilst employed by Aberdeenshire Council as a Deputy Headteacher at Peterhead Academy, in respect of Pupil A whilst she was a pupil at the school:

“Between a date unknown in 2020 and May 2021, maintain a close, personal friendship with Pupil A, then aged 15 or 16.

“Between May 2021 and October 2021, maintain a close, personal friendship with Pupil A then aged 16, in the knowledge that Pupil A was attracted to him.

“In or around May 2021, hug and kiss Pupil A, then aged 16, on the lips.

“In or around June or July 2021, when she was aged 16, press his forehead against Pupil A’s forehead and kiss her on the lips.

Peterhead school
The school where the girl was a pupil and he taught. Credit: Google Maps

“In or around September 2021 and December 2021 form and maintain a romantic relationship with Pupil A, then aged 16 or 17 and in December 2021 allow Pupil A, then aged 17, to move temporarily into his home.

“Having left his employment in December 2021, in January 2022, the teacher did form and maintain a sexual relationship with Pupil A, then aged 17 and a pupil at the school and allow her to move permanently into his home.”

Berstan admitted that several of his actions were sexually motivated and that his fitness to teach is impaired.

His name has been removed from the teaching register and he will not be permitted to apply for restoration for two years.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council today said: “We note the ruling by the General Teaching Council for Scotland that the teacher concerned has been removed from the teaching register.

“The safety and welfare of children in Aberdeenshire is always our priority and we can confirm that the person is no longer employed by us.”

Berstan, 50, was also a congregational board chairman for Banff Parish Church in Aberdeenshire.

A spokesperson for the church today refused to comment or confirm whether he still works for them.

The shamed Sir married his former partner, Shona, back in 2001 in Kinross.

However, it is unknown when they separated.

A Police Scotland spokesperson today said: “Officers received a report of concern regarding the conduct of a staff member at Peterhead Academy.

“Enquiries were carried out and are now concluded. Nobody has been charged at this time.”

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