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An idea to apply for NISS is certainly a good one but you need to be aware of plenty of details that are connected with the process of requesting it. Scan this article, and the whole procedure will not seem that complicated to you.

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What Are the Social Security Benefits in Portugal?

It is great to be a part of the Portuguese social security system. In this case, you are about to receive proper help in the following life situations:
. Retirement;
. Birth or adoption;
. Unemployment;
. Diseases;

Accidents related to work, and other stuff.

That is why it is beneficial to stick to this system and order NISS as soon as possible.

Collect Proper Documents That Are Required to Be Presented in Order to Receive NISS

Here is the list of what you will need if you plan to request NISS in one of the Portuguese social security offices:
. A copy of the employment contract that is certified by the hiring company; besides, it may be the documents linked to your self-employed activity if you are a freelancer;
. Passport or your ID card (depending on what you have);
Statement of address in Portugal;
. NIF which is your taxpayer number.

Note that those ordering NISS online have to suggest a copy of their passport and NIF. This is it. By the way, it’s not a big deal if you do not have NIF as long as it can also be requested online (meaning that you apply for it through an intermediary).

Plan Your Visit to the Local Social Security Office

If you choose to do things in person, you will have to visit one of the social security offices near you and fill in the application that will be suggested to you there. It is not going to take too much time by the way. What is more, feel free to ask any questions that worry you and that you want to deal with.
The hardest thing you may face is finding time in order to visit the office. Besides, the majority of the representatives there do not speak English. So, you should have fine knowledge of Portuguese to be able to complete the process without any hardships. In this case, it is going to be more reasonable to stick to ordering the services online.

Ordering NISS Online with the Help of the Intermediaries

This is going to be the easiest and fastest option that can ever be found. Convenience is what characterizes such a variant best of all. Take a look at the enumeration of the steps that will help you to receive your NISS Portugal as soon as possible:

. Find a good provider of services of this kind. It may require time (it’s better to study the reviews of the clients and visit the official sites of the intermediaries) but you have to be sure of the choice you are making;
. Click on the service you are interested in on the site of a provider (in your case, it may sound like “obtain NISS online” or something like that);
. You will be given further instructions on what has to be done. It may be a bit different on various sites. Nevertheless, some of the mandatory conditions are uploading the necessary documents and paying for online assistance.

Then, just expect to get your NISS! Soon after this, you will be considered a recipient of the social security services in Portugal. Isn’t it great? You won’t have to worry about obtaining help from the government when it turns out to be especially necessary.

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