Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
WE ALL enjoy changing up our look every now and again.

But sometimes, it can go horribly wrong.

Her mum wanted big bouncy curls to complete her look
but was left with what people called ‘ramen noodle’ hair

And unfortunately that’s what happened to one mum who wanted to try big beach waves as a new hairdo.

Her daughter, shared a TikTok video of the desired results, and what her mum’s hair actually turned out like to her account, @aprilwatson51.

In the short clip, she wrote: “So my mam wanted her hair like this and this is how it went.”

She then showed a couple of photos of women with big bouncy curls which her mum wanted to replicate.



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However, it didn’t go quite to plan as the young woman showed a clip of her mum’s new look.

Her mum’s platinum blonde hair extensions were waved so small that everyone agreed her hair looked like a pot noddle.

One person joked: “When you’ve gotta be a pot noodle at 8 but got a party at 9.”

Another quipped: “I’m getting super noodles.”

A third commented: “Is that ramen?”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “It’s giving me ramen noodle vibes.”

Her daughter said her mum was left fuming by the hairstyle, and she decided to take it out within five minutes of being home.

One person asked: “Omg, is she fuming?”

She replied: “Yeah it was out within 5 mins.”


It’s safe to say she wasn’t pleased with the final result[/caption]


The mum took her extensions out after just five minutes[/caption]

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