Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
SHE thought she’d take her toddler for a walk round their local forest on a rare day off.

But one mum was left mortified when she returned home from the outing, only to discover a stowaway from her tumble dryer stuck to her jacket.

Leona took to TikTok to reveal her embarrassment over a stowaway on her jacket after a trip to the local forest with her toddler
She had grabbed her jacket straight from the tumble dryer, but hadn’t realised there were a pair of pink pants attached to the back

Leona took to TikTok to recall the embarrassing situation, which happened on Monday – the day of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral – as she said: “I’ve had a bit of an embarrassing day today.

“Me and my toddler went for a walk in our forest.

“It’s a very popular forest and today obviously everyone’s not at work or school so when we got there the forest was incredibly busy – full of families, children and dogs.”

She grabbed her adidas jacket “fresh from the tumble dryer, popped that on and me and my son walked round the forest for an hour and a half”.

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“I’ve come home and I took my jacket off, only to find out that stuck to the back of my black jacket – it was a luminous pair of pink knickers,” she raged, failing to hide her embarrassment.

“I walked around a forest for an hour and a half with a pair of pink thongs stuck to my back – a forest full of families and children.”

Concluding her video, Leona sighed: “Why does this happen to me? Why?”

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: “As soon as you said ‘jacket out of tumble dryer’ I knew exactly what you were about to say, because it happened to me …”

“You would of thought someone would of told me, seeing as it was the most patriotic day and we all should of been as one,” Leona replied.

“you never know when you need a spare pair,” another wrote.

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With Leona hilariously answering: “The boy did wee himself at the forest, if I’d had known I had a spare pair, could of used them.”

“I needed this today. Bloomin brilliant,” someone else added.

Leona questioned why everything embarrassing always seems to happen to her

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