Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
THE Masked Dancer star Davina McCall has revealed she’s putting weight “back on” after going on a divorce diet.

The TV judge said she was making sure to eat the “right things”after her weight plummeted following her marriage ending.


The Masked Dancer star revealed she’s putting weight “back on”[/caption]


Davina said she shed the pounds after her divorce[/caption]

Davina, 54, who is no stranger to showing off her incredible figure and rippling abs online, has revealed she’s working to put weight on.

The former Big Brother host saw her weight change after she split from husband Matthew Roberston in 2017 – after 17 years together.

The divorce came at the same time Davina experienced debilitating menopause symptoms, which left her constantly exhausted.

Speaking to Woman & Home magazine, the star explained that he “weight went” quickly, and has been working to “put a bit back on”.



Davina McCall, 54, shows off her toned legs in black hot pants and turtleneck


My menopause was like coming off heroin, I felt revolting, says Davina McCall

“When I split up with Matthew the divorce diet thing happened and the weight just went,” she explained.

“I’ve put a bit back on but not all of it and I’ve been absolutely fastidious about making sure that I’m eating the right things and the right amounts to keep me on the straight and narrow.”

The star – who is now dating hair stylist Michael Douglas, 48 – credited hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for helping her want to “eat well and go to the gym again”.

Mother-of-three Davina, who shares Holly, 21, Tilly, 19, and Chester, 16, with her ex-husband, previously opened up about feeling “dull, old and dried up” as she suffered from symptoms of the menopause.

Davina admitted she had to deal with terrible night sweats, which transported her back to battling heroin addiction in her early 20s.

Even more terrifying was the way words seemed to fall out of her head. Brain fog left her panicked she was getting Alzheimer’s, which her dad Andrew suffered from before his death earlier this year

Davina revealed she spent years resisting medical help due to embarrassment before finally taking HRT at 47.

It comes as Davina revealed her incredible body last month as she took to social media in a sweaty workout video.

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Davina McCall

Davina is in a new relationship with hairdresser Michael Douglas[/caption]

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