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THEY went on the show to find a spouse – but some of these Married at First Sight contestants came away with a whole new look instead.

A number of the UK and Australian contestants now look unrecognisable, having undergone dramatic weight loss, a striking new hair do and, in some cases, a few surgical tweaks.

Thomas Hartley from the new series of Married at First Sight UK has been a smash hit with viewers
Matt Monfredi / Channel 4
The 31-year-old debuted a slick new hairstyle this week after shaving his head

This week current MAFS UK star Thomas Hartley – who branded his husband Adrian Sanderson “Captain Curtains” for his 90s parting – debuted a slick new hairstyle after lopping off his dark locks.

Here we take a look at the MAFS wives and husbands whose appearance is radically different to the day they walked down the aisle.

Coco Stedman


Coco Stedman had a fling with another bride’s husband[/caption]

Bubbly Coco, 32, had a rough time with her husband Sam Carraro, 34, who didn’t mince his words when he told her she was very “extra” and not his “usual type” after their wedding.

The Aussie stunner sparked controversy when she had a fling with another bride’s husband, Cameron Dunne. Unsurprisingly, Coco and Sam split soon after.

Since the show, pilates studio owner Coco has sported a plumper pout, and has admitted she had a surgical lip lift last year.

She’s also experimented with new hairstyles ranging from bright red to a cropped blonde wig.

Elizabeth Sobinoff


Elizabeth Sobinoff had a tough time on the Australia series[/caption]

Poor Elizabeth also didn’t have an easy time of it on the Australian version of the show.

She married Sam Ball, who also made it clear her curvaceous body wasn’t what he’d normally go for, sparking a fat-shaming row.

To add insult to injury, Sam had an affair behind her back with Ines Basic, who was married to Sam’s pal Bronson Norrish.

Having sported a fierce look on MAFS, with defined eyebrows, winged eyeliner and bold dark lipstick, Elizabeth, 31, has had a radical makeover.

She ditched her platinum blonde locks in favour of a brunette do, and has lost 1.5st on the 5:2 diet.

Elizabeth was invited back on a subsequent series and hit it off with hubby Seb Guilhaus, but they split after Covid made it difficult for them to spend time together.

Happily, last month she delighted fans by announcing she was engaged to her engineer beau Alexander Vega.

Matt Murray


Matt Murray from the new UK series hasn’t always looked so heavily tattooed[/caption]

Tattooed hunk Matt Murray has been catapulted into the middle of the action on the new UK series.

But the man mountain wasn’t always so ripped – or covered in ink for that matter.

He shared a picture on his Instagram page this summer as he showed before-and-after snaps of his body transformation.

The star, 32, who is locked in a rocky relationship with Gemma Rose on the show, left fans astonished.

One Married At First Sight viewer wrote: “What a difference. Well done you.”

Sam Ball 


Sam Ball shocked fans by shaving off his thick dark hair[/caption]

‘Tradie’ Sam didn’t win many fans when he said Elizabeth was “bigger” than girls he’d normally go for.

But clearly Sam, 29, feels has changed his feelings about his own look since the show aired.

Last year the hunk shocked fans when he shaved off his trademark beard and floppy brown hair, showing off a shiny bald head.

More recently he’s sporting shaved sides and a more sculpted beard to match his muscular frame.

Jessika Power 

Jessika Power has made no secret of her fondness for plastic surgery

Jessika thought she’d found Mr Right when she married Mick Gould – but his rural Aussie lifestyle, handlebar moustache and lacklustre attitude towards fashion eventually got to her.

She raised eyebrows when she had an affair with Tamara Joy’s husband Dan Webb.

Jessika, 30, has made no secret of her fondness for plastic surgery, having had lip filler before going on the show.

She’s since opted for a plumper pout and underwent an autologous fat transfer, shifting it from her thighs to her boobs to boost them from a B to a D-cup.

Ines Basic

Channel 9/Instagram

Ines was compared to Angelina Jolie by fans after revealing this transformation[/caption]

She was a standout star of the Australian series thanks to her brutal honesty and shameless putdowns.

Ines has since claimed the show “really f****d her up”, and said her affair with Sam was staged.

Since the show, she has had porcelain veneers which she claims changed the alignment of her jaw.

Ines has also owned up to other cosmetic treatments including Botox, dermal fillers, porcelain veneers and lasers.

Tamara Joy


Tamara Joy has had breast implants since leaving the show[/caption]

Tamara was devastated when she discovered Dan had been unfaithful – despite their relationship not straying from platonic.

Since her Australian series was filmed in 2019, she looks totally different.

As well as losing a considerable amount of weight, she’s had plastic surgery on her nose, botox and a boob job.

Speaking about her breast implants, she said: “I had a bit of a booty and I really wanted to balance that out, that’s why I did it.”

Samantha Moitzi 


Samantha Moitzi has gone from blonde to redhead[/caption]

The gorgeous blonde got hitched on the Aussie version of the show – but these days she looks a world away from her wedding day.

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Sam has swapped her locks to a rich copper colour, and admitted to having filler injections and Botox.

She revealed: “I’ve gotten cheek and lip [filler] done a few times and jaw done once… the last time I got it done [was] in August 2021, it was my first time jaw filler.”

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