Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
RESIDENTS are living in fear on one of “Britain’s roughest estates” where kids as young as ten are said to run riot – even ripping PIGEONS apart.

Those living in Walsall’s Blakenall, West Mids., claim it has fallen into a state of disrepair in the last two years.


A group of masked youths jump on a pile of rubble in the town[/caption]

They say they are plagued by violence and anti-social behaviour, making them too scared to leave their homes.

And tormented locals are now demanding action following a string of incidents including arson attacks, fly-tipping, thefts, assaults and vandalism.

One local resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “It had got to the point where we are scared to leave our homes even in the daytime.

“The place has just rapidly declined into almost a state of lawlessness since the pandemic.

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“The kids are running riot and they find it funny when police arrive.

“People are saying it’s the roughest estate in Britain and I’m not sure I could argue with that.”

They added: “Shopkeepers are being racially abused and attacked.

“Rubbish gets dumped in the street, fires are started, bus shelters are smashed.

“You see kids walking down the street with knives and smoking drugs – it’s just there is just no rules or order here.”

A mum-of-seven, who did not want to be named, added: “It’s just diabolical – but that’s Blakenall for you.

“It’s become a no-go zone for police and that is what is most worrying. You just don’t go out after 3pm.”

Another shopkeeper, who also did not want to be named out of fear, added: “We’ve had our van window smashed just a couple of days ago.

“I have lost staff members who just can’t face being abused on a daily basis and now people are staying away so my trade has suffered too.

“They come in and steal eggs and then use those eggs to pelt the shop. We get racially abused too, we’ve just had enough.”

There was also this poor pigeon that had its head ripped off outside a shop before they pulled its wings off and just ripped it to pieces.

Pete SmithIndependent Blakenall ward councillor

Independent Blakenall ward councillor Pete Smith said: “I’ve seen first hand how these problems have escalate and people are saying enough is enough.

“There was also this poor pigeon that had its head ripped off outside a shop before they pulled its wings off and just ripped it to pieces.

“On top of that, there’s shopkeepers being attacked and racially abused, houses being smashed up, schools being pelted with bottes.

“A woman and her children had to flee their home after their house was set on fire, she’s moved out of the area as she’s too frightened to return.”

West Midlands Police said they are stepping up patrols and using dispersal orders to try and control the issues.

And Inspector Phil Upton, from the Walsall Neighbourhood Team, said they are “aware of growing concern around instances of appalling behaviour by a small minority of young people” in the area.

He said: “Our work to tackle this issue is continuing and evolving, with further increased patrols planned along with targeted action to curb this totally unacceptable behaviour.”

A Walsall Council spokesperson added: “The council is actively working in partnership with West Midlands Police colleagues, partners and the local community to tackle these issues.”

And Gary Brookes, Walsall Housing Group’s director of housing, said: “We are really concerned about ongoing issues in this area regarding criminal activity and antisocial behaviour.

“Our empty properties on Dawson Street have been targeted by criminals which has prevented us from accessing them and led to them needing substantial repair work.

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“We will be securing the site in the next few weeks and are looking at what additional steps we can take to prevent any further damage while we work on these properties.

“The situation in Dawson Street is one we are taking very seriously. We are working with a number of partners including the police, council and the residents themselves to resolve these issues.”


Locals say they are terrified to leave their homes in the day[/caption]


Locals have complained of arson attacks, fly-tipping, thefts, assaults and vandalism[/caption]


A deserted Blakenall Lane[/caption]

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