Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
A MIDSIZE model on TIktok has made her own contribution to a viral dress trend, with results you might not expect.

Fashion influencer Mollie Campsie is a UK size 18 and a US size 14 and she took to TikTok with a video showing off a Zara spring dress in a XXL.

TikTok / molliecampsie

Campsie showing off the alternate purple color of this Zara dress[/caption]

TikTok / molliecampsie

Campsie modeled the XXL version of one of Zara’s spring dresses[/caption]

In the video, she models the dress in its default white color and an alternate purple color.

The dress is still listed on Zara’s website, though only in white and pink and with limited sized available.

The dress is being sold for just under $60 and at least half of it is made from recycled polyester.

Mollie, who gushed “Zara is so good right now!!!” asked her followers for her view on the dresses – and it was overwhelmingly positive.

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In a response to a comment asking if the dresses stretch she says “Yes!!!” and also says they are “fairly sized.”

The video also features numerous tags making references to Zara itself, outfits for the spring season, and fashion for midsize individuals.

Since it was first posted the video amassed over 160k views and over 4500 likes.

Many of the comments from users praising the look of the dresses on Campsie and asking where they can get some of their own.

The two most liked comments on the post reference how good both colors of the dress look.

“The white looks amazing on you,” says the first, “The purple <3 gorgeous,” says another.

Elsewhere in the comments, users seek out where they can buy the dress or discuss what they might wear it for.

A user named Melissa says the white dress would be “perfect for me for my graduation.”

Another user asks Campsie directly in the comments about the sandals she is wearing in the video, which come from NA-KD.

TikTok / molliecampsie

Campsie in Zara’s draped midi dress[/caption]

TikTok / molliecampsie

Campsie in her Tiktok showing off a XXL Zara dress on a midsize model[/caption]

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