Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
A MIDSIZE content creator showed how she styles her rounded lower stomach area for added smoothness and comfort. 

Madison Beltran shared two key tips she uses to help flatten her lower stomach area, or FUPA, which stands for fatty upper pubic area and which she refers to it as.

Madison gave her tips for styling and flattening her lower stomach area
She showed off a pair of underwear with a thick waistband for added compression

“Ladies, listen up because today I’m going to be teaching you how to style the fupa,” she declared, adding, “You probably don’t even think about this, but it starts with the underwear.”

Madison first held up a lacy G-string thong, saying: “They’re super cute for date night, but not if you’re trying to style the fupa.”

She then showed off a seamless thong. “Seamless work for a little bit and then they slide down.”

She finally landed on a pair of Victoria’s Secret underwear with a thick waistband. She opted for the brand’s Logo Cotton Thong Panty and declared them to be “The Holy Grail.”

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However, Madison noted: “These don’t have to be a thong. If you have anything with a thick band, it’s going to smooth everything out in every sort of way.”

“But make sure you buy them in your correct size,” she emphasized, adding, “Or else they’ll just make you have another roll and that’s not the purpose of this video.”

For her second tip, she moved onto the type of denim to purchase and wear to further help flatten the stomach area.

“Many of us love the stretchy stretchy denim that feels so so comfortable,” Madison acknowledged, before shouting to stop wearing these.

While holding up a pair of Levi’s 501 Original Straight Leg jeans, she said, “Buy yourself some pure cotton jeans that are your size that fit comfortably.”

“PS remember to size up or read reviews when buying 100% cotton if you are used to stretchy denim,” Madison added into the comments section of her video.

She further explained that stretchy skinny jeans usually outline the lower stomach area. Meanwhile, non-stretch cotton jeans are more fitted, which helps flatten and slim.

Madison showed off the fit of her Levi’s from the front and the side, exclaiming: “Tell me where my fupa is.”

She said the smooth appearance of the jeans over her stomach was “a mixture of the underwear and the 100% cotton denim.”

Most people reacted to the video with praise for the tips and shared their own Old Navy and thrift store denim suggestions to achieve similar results.

Madison wore 501 Original Levi’s jeans in her tutorial
She showed off her side profile using her two slimming tricks

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