Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
LOTS of people have issues swallowing tablets and this can be distressing.

There is no escaping the issue for some – as many need to take medication on a daily basis.


Dr Karan Rajan revealed his top tips for taking medication in both pill and capsule form[/caption]

If you do struggle, you might feel as though you’re going to gag, and spit the pill out and this can be frustrating.

But one NHS doctor has now revealed the best way to swallow your medication which will help it go down smoothly without gagging.

Posting to TikTok Dr Karan Rajan was responding to a clip in which a user had found a hack to help the medicine go down.

They had put the pill on their tongue, took a gulp of water but didn’t swallow.

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Then they put their head forward before swallowing the capsule and Dr Rajan said this is a method that works and that if you regularly take medication you need to know the best ways to do so.

He explained: “Now the best way to swallow capsules is with the head tilted forwards.

“This may seem strange, but capsules are light and float in water, so when the head is tilted forward, capsules float towards the throat.

“But when the head position is neutral or slightly tilted back, the capsules float towards the teeth, making swallowing a bit more difficult.

“Now, when it comes to tablets and pills, you want your head tilted slightly back.

“This is because tablets and pills can be slightly heavier and denser – so the focus needs to be on flushing the medication into the fairings.

“That’s the tube that connects the mouth and the oesophagus.”

Dr Karan added that for people who don’t have difficulty, the tips won’t make a huge difference.

The NHS says that if you have issues you should try and take the pills with water and food.

You can also practise swallowing with small sweets or bits of bread – and try bigger pieces as swallowing gets easier.

What not to do

If you have issues swallowing then it might feel like you’re at the end of your tether.

Medics at the NHS say that while it’s frustrating, there are some things you shouldn’t do in the quest to get the pills down.

They explained that you should throw the pills towards the back of your throat, nor should you tip your head back too much when you swallow as this can make it even more difficult.

“Do not crush pills, open capsules or alter your medicine without getting medical advice.

“This could stop the medicine working properly,” they added.

If you’re still struggling, then a pharmacist can advise you on other versions of your medication that might be available in an alternative form.

In most cases, the causes of swallowing problems include a fear of choking.

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This can make your throat tense and narrow when you try to swallow.

You may also suffer with a dry mouth as well as general swallow difficulties – also known as dysphagia.

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