Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
AN electrician has revealed an easy hack that could save a household up to £500 a year amid the cost of living crisis.

With money tight for so many people up and down the country, everyone is trying to find ways to cut back where possible.

Lots of people have no idea how much energy plug-ins use
Everyone wants to save cash during the cost of living crisis

Thankfully, a TikTok account run by Quinnergy, a Strathaven-based energy care provider, has offered a small tip that could make a massive difference.

It involves ditching the plug-in air fresheners which are commonly found in homes all over the UK.

In a video, an expert said: “Here’s a small tip on how to save some money with your energy bills.

“If you’ve got a partner like mine, she likes to have a plug-in on every socket in the house.



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Fresh & frugal

I was fed up spending loads on plug in air fresheners so came up with a hack

“On average each year these plug-ins use £40 to £50 worth of electricity,

“But in my house it’s probably about £80 per plug-in because they’re on all the time.

“I think we have about eight plugged into our property so if you do the maths there’s maybe £500 a year we could save if we don’t have these all plugged in and switched on at the same time.”

He added:  What I’m going to do is get my missus to stop buying these, stop plugging them in and buy the battery operated ones or just get some air fresheners across the property.”

Those in the comments agreed with the suggestion and some had already made the move. 

One person suggested: “I have battery ones, they run out really quickly, sort of a false economy in my opinion. 

“Wax melts are the best option.”

Another follower wrote: “Open a window, those plug-ins are a fire risk and pollute the air.”

Someone added “My mate’s married to a fireman.

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“The rants he has about those plug-ins.”

While a commenter added: “Yeah I love my wee battery operated ones…batteries last ages as well on them.”

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