Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
FROM fillers to Botox to luxury skincare products — anti-aging has seemed like an out-of-budget endeavor.

One anti-aging pro shared her clever — and free — technique to keep her skin looking taut.

Chemayne is an anti-aging expert
TikTok / virgovibez22
She took to TikTok to show viewers how to perform face yoga
TikTok / virgovibez22

Chemayne is a UK-based holistic therapist specializing in natural face-lifts, facial yoga, and lymphatic drainage.

Face yoga is a facial exercise technique that many believe can smooth fine lines and improve muscle tone in the face the same way traditional exercise improves muscle tone in the body.

She took to TikTok to share her face yoga technique, which is suitable for beginners.

She began the exercise by opening her mouth in a circular shape.

“Open your mouth,” she wrote in text over the video. “Wrap your lips around your teeth.”



I’m an anti-aging pro – my tip will tone your neck & prevent wrinkles

She then incorporated her cheek muscles.

“Lift your cheeks,” she wrote.

Chemayne claimed she lives by the technique.

“Do this daily,” she wrote. “Watch the magic!”

Viewers flocked to the comments, where Chemayne was happy to answer questions.

“How long do you hold it and how many times should I do it??” a commenter inquired. “Would love one for droopy eyelids and jowls.”

In a video reply, Chemayne revealed how to sculpt the neck and jowls.

Using a gua sha, a tool usually made of crystal, she sculpted her neck by lifting upwards.

“Apply serum or oil of choice,” she advised. “Massage both sides of the neck and face. Light-medium pressure.”

“Is it supposed to hurt?” another asked.

“If you mean the stretch pain, yes it’s meant to happen! It’s exercise,” Chemayne replied.

She opened her mouth in a circular shape
TikTok / virgovibez22
She instructed viewers to fold their lips over their teeth
TikTok / virgovibez22

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