Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A SELF-TITLED ‘true blood gypsy queen’ has revealed the old-fashioned way she removes grim build up on her husband’s work coat.

Pashy Goldsmith, from London, England, ditched living on London’s biggest traveller estate after moving to Kent.


Pashy showed her husband’s filthy work coat before using her cleaning hack[/caption]


The coat looked brand new after Pashy worked her magic[/caption]

Now, Pashy has gone viral on TikTok after opening up about her culture and revealing the incredible cleaning hacks she’s learnt.

In one TikTok video, Pashy showed her husband, Ray’s, work jacket – which was covered in oil and grime and how she was going to tackle the dirt.

The best part is that you don’t need any fancy cleaning solution to tackle it as Pashy uses three items she has in her kitchen already.

She said: “All you need is an orange, because I ain’t got any lemon, white vinegar in there, and salt.”



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To start, Pashy takes a segment or the orange and begins to rub it all over the coat with a small amount of salt.

It works particularly well for stubborn grease stains, she adds.

Pashy then dips a clean white rag into the white vinegar and rubs it in all over the coat.

She adds: “Some people might not have the money to get the stuff to get the marks off, but if you have stuff lying at home just sitting there it don’t cost nothing.

“I know how much the removal stuff can be, personally, I don’t buy it because I have my own little tricks.”

Finally, Pashy puts the coat into the washing machine on a high wash and reveals how the coat now looks.

The coat looked brand new and every single stubborn stain had dissapeared.

“Brand new, look at that,” she exclaimed.

And viewers were seriously impressed by how well her cleaning hack worked with some claiming she needs to write a book.

One wrote: “Amazing! I love watching these hacks! You do need to write a book though!”

Another person commented: “Absolutely amazed by this. Gonna try it!”

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A third penned: “l learn something new all the time from you thank you so much.”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “Thanks hun I’m going to try this.”


Pashy used salt, white vinegar and an orange[/caption]


she applied the salt and orange to the stains and then gave the coat a scrub with the white vinegar[/caption]

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