Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
A SHOPPING haul jam-packed with lucky finds and closet necessities was the hope for one size 12 customer.

The future was looking bright until Kate opened one item in her Free People haul that was way too small for her larger size chest.


Size 12 fashion influencer Kate tries on two items she purchased from Free People[/caption]

This white mini dress is comfy and practical

The TikTok user @getittogetherkate is a realistic size 12 fashion-focused account.

Kate will post shopping hauls and styling videos for her followers, so they don’t have to wonder what a top or outfit idea will look like on a size 12 body.

She posed a video revealing the two items she bought from Free People, including an item that is probably best for women with smaller boobs.

“This is like a T-shirt, a strapless dress. I really like this,” Kate says as she puts on the first piece of clothing she bought.



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This white dress is the $60 Cece Mini.

“I feel like this is super great for vacation. It’s stretch and comfortable, but you still have really pretty seams,” Kate explains.

The material is a bit see-through, so Kate suggests that viewers wear nude underwear underneath if they’re going to get it.

“I wanted this one to work out,” Kate admits as she poses in the next item.

Kate changes into a pair of baggy blue jeans and the Crochet We Go Longline Bralette.

This bralette is sold out in both cream and green colors.

“I do not really have that big of titties going on, but there’s some spillage happening,” she says.

“Super cute looks just like the photos, but this is for the itty bitty titty only.”

But the green crocheted top doesn’t fit Kate’s chest

Kate believes this carefully crocheted top would only fit a size medium.

“I’m sorry ladies. I’m really sad, though. Size small, go get them,” she suggests.

“I Literally love your TikTok so much I have a similar body shape and I’m the same size and I never see myself represented anywhere on TikTok,” one appreciative viewer commented.

Kate’s viewers agreed that the white dress was worth keeping.

One excited fan wrote: “That first dress is so cute.”

And Kate responded: “Ugh so comfyyy.”

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