Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
OFTEN when you work in a shop or restaurant it’ll come with some perks, but what about McDonald’s?

A staff member has lifted the lid on whether or no they get free food at Maccies, and it has racked up thousands of views.

TikTok user Megan Grace revealed secrets from the job about staff food
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TikTok user Megan Grace, who posts under @megzy210803, uploaded a video explaining the system.

She said: “McDonald’s insider info, part: Free Food.

“I had a question a couple of videos ago asking whether as employees we get free food.

“We do and we don’t.

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“If we are not on shift, no, we don’t get free food, we have employee discounts, which basically means we can get the meals discounted.

“We don’t get individual items discounted, but if you put through meals they are usually £2 or something.”

However, Megan said that when they are working, they do get free food.

The McDonald’s worker explained: “We technically get free food on our breaks.

“We have a four-point system and different food items are worth different points.

“This four-point system has to consist of one drink, one main course, one fries and a dessert.”

She explained that some burgers are worth two points, like their promo options, and their frappes are also two points, so this has to be taken into consideration with the four points maximum.

Megan said they log everything eaten in a book to keep inventory of their stock.

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People were quick to respond, with one saying: “How is everyone so skinny tho with free food on a shift.”

Another added: “Never heard of this point system we just get a burger med fries and a large drink.”

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