Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
ONE woman’s “catfish” transformation is so good that other TikTokers say it should be illegal.

The woman shared what she looks like before and after transforming, adding not just makeup but new hair and colored contacts.


A woman’s ‘catfish’ transformation is so good that other TikTokers say it should be illegal[/caption]


FIrst, she shared what she looked like before she transformed herself[/caption]

Makeup artist Cra shared a video on TikTok showing the major transformation she goes through every day as she gets ready.

In her video, she first appeared with her curly hair cropped close to her scalp and dark circles under her dark brown eyes.

She was dressed casually in an old T-shirt.

But in an after shot, she had transformed her looks and appeared to be a completely different person.

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I’m a beauty pro – my catfish makeup routine lasts all day

Her new look had long luscious hair that draped over her shoulders, smooth skin, and light gray eyes.

Additionally, her lips were plump and shiny, while her makeup looked expertly done.

She had also changed her outfit to a top with a plunging neckline that showed off her assets.

The TikTok star has become well-known on the app as she showed off her stunning transformations.

In this particular video, many were so shocked by the change that they claimed it should “be illegal.”

One person wrote: “How is that even possible?”

A second commented: “Shapeshifting queen.”

And a third shared: “You even changed your eyes, I’m done.”

However, no one shamed her for her transformation, but rather praised her for her skills.

A few people compared her to Rihanna while others said she looked like Lil’ Kim.

Cra is not the only one who has been accused of catfishing, as many women now flaunt their ability to participate in the trend.

Simply put, catfishing is when a person pretends to be someone they are not.


The makeup artist looked like a whole new person after her transformation[/caption]

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