Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
HAVING a baby can be stressful.

There’s so much you need to work out, how to change a nappy and how to strap them into a car seat.


If you’re a new mum to a little boy, there might be many thing you want to Google[/caption]


First aider Nikki Jurcutz revealed her top five tips for being a parent of a little boy for the first time[/caption]

But if you’re having a little boy for the first time, there are many things that you might need to Google.

Luckily, one first aider has revealed the five things she wishes she had known before having a boy.

Posting to Tiny Hearts Education, first aider Nikki Jurcutz said these tips would save you from some awkward questions

1. It doesn’t retract

The first thing, the CEO said, is that the foreskin doesn’t retract.

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She explained: “That is completely normal, do not try to retract it, it will just happen over time.”

2. Point it down

The second she said, is to make sure you always point their penis downwards when putting a nappy on.

“Believe me, unless you want wee all over you,” she added.

3. In pain

If your little boy is in pain, Nikki said you should check for testicular torsion and hair tourniquet.

“If your boy is in pain and you have no idea what’s going on make sure you take their nappy off and have a look at their testicles.

“If you see any swelling this could be a sign of testicular torsion and it is an emergency and you need to seek immediate review from a doctor.”

A testicular torsion happens when the testicle rotates.

This twists the spermatic cord which brings blood to the scrotum.

It can result in a reduced blood flow and often pain and severe swelling.

She added that you should also check that they don’t have any hair tourniquets down there.

This is where thread or hair gets wrapped around the penis, which results in pain and swelling of the affected area.

You can prevent this by keeping your hair tied up when playing with baby and changing their nappy.

4. Redness

Nikki explained that it’s common for the tip of the penis to become red.

She said: “Just make sure you get plenty of nappy off time.

“Change nappies quickly and apply some barrier cream but see your GP if it doesn’t clear up.”

5. It’s normal

While you might think they have an itch or irritation down there if they are fumbling around, Nikki said this is completely normal.

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She added: “This is something I googled – It’s completely normal for them to touch down there.

“They are just developing and getting to know themselves,” she said.

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