Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A BRA expert has shared an in-depth analysis of the actual different parts of the bra and how to achieve the best fit for your bust size.

The woman cleared up any questions about the functional properties of the bra to make sure that every woman is well-informed on how to make her bosom look its best.

Bra expert Madison Anne shares what the different parts of the bra are, what they do, and how they affect the fit of your bra
Anne says the straps are one of the most important aspects of the bra

Bra enthusiast Madison Anne, known as @madisonanneh on TikTok, sheds a light on the many misconceptions about the bra.

In addition, she lays out the specific part each of them plays in enhancing the chest region.

The self-described “bra lady” has a massive social media presence that provides information about breast health, where to find the best bras for your frame, and shares her bra resource guide.

The TikTok video educates her viewers on the features of the bra and then shows them how to adjust it for the right fit for their body shape.


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“Let’s talk about the different parts of the bra, what they mean, and how they affect the fit of your bra,” the bra lady says at the start of the video.

To further demonstrate her knowledge, she wears a bra over a dress to accurately show viewers each unique aspect of the bra that she discusses.

First, she says that the two basic parts of the bra are the band and the cup.

Then, she delves into the first part and explains the different styles of bra cups.

Anna is wearing a molded cup in the video, which means that when she takes off the bra it still maintains the shape, even when it’s not on her body.

“We also have non-molded cups, meaning that you can do whatever you want with it, have it lay flat,” she says while holding up a black lace bra as an example.

The content creator adds an extra style tip saying that using seamed cups can also be a great way to add extra support, to a non-molded bra.

She then explains the second part of the bra, the band.

“The band is where a majority of the support of your bra is going to come from,” she states. “If your band is not fitting the way that it should, you can find that it can affect the entirety of the bra.”

Anna then moves into the third aspect of the bra, known as the apex.

It’s an asset that many may not know about but is equally as important.

The apex is where the strap of the bra meets the cup.

The influencer says that a bar with a lower apex is ideal for women who do not have a lot of breast tissue

“A higher apex can sometimes mean a fuller coverage. A lower apex can sometimes mean a lower coverage,” she dictates.

She proceeds to add that many women do not carry a lot of volume at the top of their breasts, so wearing a bra with a lower apex is ideal.

If not, there is the potential for gaping in an ill-fitting bra with a higher apex.

“The gore of the bra is your center where the cups meet in the middle and usually the band connects,” she says as she demonstrates the next feature.

It is very important because it makes sure that the band and cups of your bra fit well on your frame.

The gore should be flush against your sternum, separating the breasts.

She proceeds to add that there are a few supportive aspects of the side of the bra.

“If you’re wearing a wired bra, that’s where the wires are going to come from. Your wires actually want to extend a little bit into your armpit,” she says.

If the wires are pushing and stabbing into your breast, all of your breast root is not in the cup, so you probably need to invest in a bigger cup.

The area directly under the armpit that typically falls along the rib cage is sometimes called the wings, especially because it has the much-needed side support.

The area under the armpit is sometimes called the wings because of its side support

“Side support is going to make sure that you are getting everything in here [the cup] and making sure that you’re not splitting out over the band or over the cup.

The penultimate fashion hack she draws attention to is the standard closure, or hook, at the back of the bra that works in tandem with making sure the band has a proper fit.

“You want to make sure you can only pull it one or two inches away from your back and that when you’re starting a new bra, you’re starting it on the loosest hook,” she declares.

As it gradually expands over time, you can move in on the hooks.

The final feature she mentions that probably is the most important is the bra straps.

The bra lover doesn’t spend much time on the subject and simply promises another video specifically focused on the topic.

Anne is no stranger to the lingerie market, as shown by her experience on the subject.

The comment section of the video was overwhelmed with bra questions and body-positive feedback.

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“I have a lot of side fat and my band rolls down under it all the time and doesn’t stay up. Nobody talks about it. Do u know what I should do ab it?” one user inquired.

“Your videos are the absolute best and I always learn something when watching them. Thank you for sharing!!” another commented.

Anne states that the band is where majority of the bra support comes from

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