Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
A HOOTERS girl has shared the real reason behind why some waitresses at the food establishment wear long-sleeve shirts.

The reasoning behind the clothing decision has more to do with the strict rules at the fast food spot and less about personal expression.

Hooters Girl Jade Amber shares the real reason many waitresses at the establishment wear long sleeved tops, it makes life so much easier,
Many Hooters Girls have to follow strict uniform rules that pertain to what they can and cannot show off on their bodies

Influencer Jade Amber explains in a video the exact reason why many Hooter waitresses, also knows as Hooters Girls, wear long-sleeves while at their place of work.

Amber is a Hooters Girl herself and uses her social media presence to share a regular day in her life, beauty-related content and shopping hauls.

Apparently, the restaurant-franchise is incredibly picky about their dress code, especially when it comes to body art.

In the 15-second video, Amber tells her audience why she is always seen wearing long-sleeves at work and it has to do with the sheer volume of her tattoos.



I’m a Hooters girl – the uniform is so tight I get winded putting it on


I’m a Hooters girl – the strict hair and nails rules I follow

The TikTok is in response to a viewer who commented in a previous video, “Girl I wouldn’t be wearing the long sleeves hellll no.”

According to the content creator, it wasn’t her choice to wear the shirt.

“Girl, I literally only wear the long sleeves because I have my tattoos,” she says at the start of the video.

Tattoos are allowed to be shown at Hooters, but for most restaurants under the business, they should be smaller than your hand.

Jade is very vocal about her love of tattoos, emphasized by the many she has on her arms.

Known on TikTok as jade.amberrrrr, the user shares in the video that she has her sleeves pulled up, so her body art is peeking out a bit.

The Hooters Girl then proceeds to showcase the placements of the many tattoos on her body under her sleeves.

“So I would rather wear this than have the short sleeve and have to put make-up all over,” she declares.

Previously, Hooters’ tattoo guidelines prohibited all tattoos from being shown.

Amber says it makes life so much easier to just wear long sleeves instead of covering up her arm tattoos everyday

If any Hooters Girl had visible tattoos that were bigger than their hand, they would have to spend a great deal of time applying make-up to cover them up.

The company has since relaxed, but individual restaurants have the autonomy to make decisions within their establishments.

Neck and face tattoos are still not allowed on Hooters Waitresses.

Many people in the comment section of the video were flabbergasted over the rule and made their frustrations clear.

“It’s sad cause girls with tattoos showing would bring in more money. Every one of my guy friends say they like tatted girls better,” one viewer commented.

“Wait y’all show your goods but can’t show tattoos?” a user inquired

“How is that not discrimination,” a viewer boldly wrote.

“So no tattoos but it’s okay to have your hair open?” another asked.

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