Wed. Sep 28th, 2022
DRAGGING yourself to the gym can be an unpleasant enough task, so you may as well be comfortable and look good while you’re there.

A YouTuber shared her top budget-friendly finds for sports bras from Amazon.

YouTuber Kathryn Mueller reviewed budget-friendly Amazon bras
Kathryn told her viewers that the Aoxjax padded Sienna bra was cute but didn’t provide much support

YouTuber Kathryn Mueller shared her favorite budget Amazon bras, some items cost just $20.

The first bra Kathryn tried on was the Aurola sports bra, available on Amazon for $30.

The YouTuber recommended opting for this sports bra for weight days at the gym as it didn’t provide enough support for cardio.

Next, the influencer showed her followers the $26 Aoxjox padded Sienna low impact bra.

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I have big boobs & did a gym shopping haul, the sports bra were so comfy

“I wish this one was a little more functional because it’s so cute, so if you’re a C cup or below, please go out and get this bra,” Kathryn advised her subscribers.

She also modeled the Butterluxe V-neck sports bra, available for just $32.

“I have noticed with some of these little V-neck built-in bra tanks, that they don’t have a ton of room in the cup area but I really do feel like this one has a good amount of coverage,” the YouTuber said.

Kathryn compared the $22 icyzone strappy racerback sports bra to Lululemon sports bras, rating it higher than the iconic brand.

She said liked “how solid this elastic band is at the bottom. I’m going to go with a solid medium coverage here. We have a little scoop in the front, but I’m definitely confident I wouldn’t fall out of it.”

The YouTuber rated another icyzone running bra, $20, which she said was her favorite from the brand.

“Sometimes it can be difficult to find a full coverage bra that’s actually cute, so yeah I’m a fan,” Kathryn concluded.

She also tried on a $25 Aoxjox halter bra, which she was apprehensive about at first.

Kathryn compared icyzone long sport bra with Lululemon tops
The YouTuber said the red icyzone bra was her favorite from the brand

“I might need to adjust, and tuck the girls back in during the workout, which I don’t love,” she told viewers as she rated the bra’s coverage.

Next, Kathryn modeled a $23 high neck sports shirt from the same brand.

She advised viewers that the top did not offer enough support to wear without a bra underneath.

The YouTuber also tired on a Meylum one shoulder padded sports bra, available for $20.

The YouTuber reviewed the coverage and practicality of each sports bra
Kathryn was apprehensive about wearing a halter neck sports bra at first

“This one doesn’t feel quite as high quality as some of the other ones. The fabric is a little flimsy and the cup pads are a little firm, so you can definitely see them,” Kathryn informed her audience.

For her final item, Kathyrn tried on a $25 Aoxjox Y sports bra, which she said reminded her of the Gymshark brand.

“I do think this one is a little more suited to smaller cup sizes,” she told her viewers.

YouTube users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the affordable bras.

“This is exactly what I needed. I can’t afford the expensive brands but there are so many options on Amazon that it’s overwhelming,” one viewer wrote.

Another person said: “Love this vid!! I’ve been looking for some strappy sports bras but I’m always hesitant ordering online for brands I’ve never tried before. I love variety of bras you review!!”

Kathryn informed her viewers that the high neck sports top did not provide enough support without a bra
The YouTuber liked the unique look of the one shoulder sports bra

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