Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
SHE wanted to look good for her birthday celebrations.

So she decided to go and have her lashes done as a pre-birthday pamper.

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A woman was left with no natural lashes after a botched lash appointment ahead of her birthday[/caption]

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The lashes were basically stuck onto her eyelid, and resulted in her eye sticking together every time she blinked[/caption]

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To make things even worse, she claims she got conjunctivitis from the treatment[/caption]

But one mum was left fuming and in pain after the treatment – which cost her £25 – went horribly wrong.

She alleged that the technician at the spa in Huddersfield CUT OFF her natural lashes.

She then glued the artificial lashes to the lashline, but ended up sticking the woman’s eye together with the glue.

It meant that she her eye stuck shut whenever she tried to blink.

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“She charged me £25,” the woman raged.

“She cut my natural eyelashes off causing me to have hardly any eyelashes at all!”

Not only that, but she’s since developed an infection called conjunctivitis.

“My eyes are itching and yellow gunk is coming out too it’s really itchy and I have to go to the doctors for medication,” she said.

The 22-year-old, who doesn’t want to be named, initially contacted the salon to try and get a refund.

“When I told the boss which is the one who did it, I got told I’d done it myself and I wouldn’t be able to have a refund,” she said.

“Then I posted on Facebook and they told me to take it down or I will not get my refund.”

But now she’s not even worried about getting her money back – she just wants her eyes to be healthy again.

“At this point I don’t and will not want a refund as I have infections in my eyes,” she said.

“She was really rude blocked me then unblocked me.”

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The woman concluded by saying the entire ordeal had completely ruined her birthday.

The salon declined to comment when contacted by YorkshireLive.

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