Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
WHEN a product is circulating, it’s hard to know if it’s worth the hype unless you try it yourself.

One fashion fan caved and bought the most viral TikTok dress and was shocked when she tried it on.

YouTuber Roxi tries the most viral TikTok dress

The dress is the $52 Motel Rocks Paiva Slip Dress in Satin[/caption]

YouTube user Roxi is a professional reviewer for all things lifestyle and fashion related.

In a recent video, she buys popular TikTok products to find out if they’re as great as everyone says they are – one of which is the app’s viral dress.

“I have literally seen this dress all over my for you page. I feel like everyone has it right now,” Roxi admits.

The dress is a satin, cowl-neck mini.



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“I feel like the reason why it’s going viral is that it actually has a string that you can pull and make it tight,” Roxi says.

“I feel like a lot of the time when you have these satin-looking dresses, they’re quite like loose-fitted, whereas this one makes your waist look so snatched.”

Roxi got the $52 Motel Rocks Paiva Slip Dress in Satin Ivory in an XS.

Although this satin slip comes in several colors, Roxi says she decided to get the white because she’d wear it more often.

“Look at it. It’s so cute,” Roxi admits as she opens the package.

The straps of the dress are adjustable, and the back tightens with the strings.

“It is really nice quality, especially because sometimes when you get dresses like this, the fabric is quite see-through, but the fabric of this is really nice and solid,” she says.

Roxi changes into the dress and pulls the strings in the back to snatch her waist.

The dress is not see-through at all
Roxi tightens the strings in the back and her waist is instantly snatched

Immediately, the dress tightens around her to create an hourglass shape.

“It’s so well-fitted now,” Roxi proclaims.

The strings in the back are a little long, so she ties them into a big bow.

“Oh my god, I am literally obsessed. I can now see why this dress has gone viral,” Roxi says.

Roxi’s viewers rate the dress a 10/10 as she did.

“That dress looked amazing on you,” one fan commented, while another wrote: “The dress, I bought 3.”

The strings in the back are a little long

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