Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
A GRAN bought her son-in-law a KFC mug with his name on at a charity shop — only to find he had donated it to the store days earlier.

Lisa Gregory, 53, thought she had found the perfect gift for fried chicken fan Shane Price, 32, selling for 50p in a Dogs Trust shop.

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A Gran bought her son-in-law Shane a KFC mug with his name on at a charity shop[/caption]

Kennedy News

Little did she know he had donated it to the store days earlier[/caption]

She said: “I spotted the mug and thought ‘Oh, you don’t see many things with ‘Shane’ on’. He’s partial to KFC.”

After “bigging up” how great the mystery present was, she handed it over to Shane, who is married to her daughter Sophie, 30.

Retired Lisa, from Swansea, said: “When he came round later in the day, I was excited.

“I pulled out the mug — that’s when I saw his face drop.



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“He asked if I’d gotten it from a charity shop, then said he’d dropped it off a few days ago.

“I thought it was hilarious.”

It turned out the mug was a leaving present from teaching colleagues which Shane rarely used.

Lisa plans to hold on to it for when he visits for a cuppa.

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