Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
EVER wondered where lost packages end up?

One stay-at-home mother buys unclaimed packages and resells her finds.

YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

Ashley found Stella McCartney espadrilles, among other designer finds[/caption]

YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

She found a pair of YZY slides[/caption]

Ashley is an eBayer, YouTuber, and mother who goes by the username “Hustle at Home Mom.”

She purchased a pallet box containing 75 unclaimed packages, with the help of her cousin David, and hauled the mammoth box to her car.

Upon arriving home to examine the goods in the $2300 box, she recruited her husband, T.J., to help her appraise the finds.

Ashley and T.J. valued most of her haul under $200, however some pieces blew them away.



I spent $1,200 on lost mail packages & TRIPLED my money


I bought lost Amazon packages & bagged goods worth DOUBLE what I paid

Ashley pulled out a pair of Stella McCartney espadrille shoes, valued at around $600 retail.

She estimated the resell price to be between 400 and 500 dollars.

“I don’t think these will take long to sell all,” she said of the designer shoes.

Stella McCartney was not her only designer find. Ashley also scored a pair of the coveted YZY Slides.

She assured skeptics that the slides were truly YZY by having them authenticated.

“The thing is YZYs get faked. Probably one of the most faked items out there,” she said. “But I did get these authenticated.”

Ashley also found one item in particular that would pay for her entire $2300 pallet.

T.J. gasped in shock at the price tag of the mint condition designer product — $2950.

“It’s a leather, hand-woven sweatshirt,” Ashley said of the BALLY Haus jumper.

“It’s a one-of-a-kind,” she said. “I don’t know what it will sell for.”

“This literally costs more than my car,” T.J. said of the designer jumper. “By double.”

Of the 75 items in the pallet box, Ashley estimated the total resale value at $7690 — tripling her $2300 investment.

YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

She revealed the YZY slides she had professionally authenticated[/caption]

YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

Her most lucrative find was a BALLY Haus jumper[/caption]

YouTube/Hustle at Home Mom

Her husband was shocked at the $2950 BALLY Haus pricetag[/caption]

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