Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
A HILARIOUS video shows a fuming holidaymaker heading to the airport with his belongings in a bag for life after his wife hid his suitcase.

Darren Carrier was left with little option but to turn up at Newcastle Airport yesterday morning ahead of a lads holiday to Benidorm, Spain, carrying the reusable shopping bag.

His wife, Julie Carrier, had apparently hid his suitcase after being raging when the 45-year-old told her the night before that he was off to a stag-do in the morning.

Darren’s friend, Grumet Mason, captured a video showing Darren looking unamused as he sauntered into the airport yesterday with his bag in his hand, with trainers perched on top.

Grumet, 35, can be heard saying: “You can’t go on a plane with that, Darren.”

Darren retorts: “I f****g can, she’s hid my suitcase, mad cow”

The pair continue their verbal sparring as Grumet says: “You’ve got a bag for life”

Darren cheekily replies: “I did have, I’m going to pack her in when I get home.”

“Are you getting a divorce?” asks Grumet.

While the raging council worker swiftly replies: “Yes.”

Airport staff refused to allow Darren on the flight with the bag so he went on to find a discarded ripped holdall in a nearby bin and managed to pack all his belongings in there.

Grumet posted the video onto TikTok yesterday, writing: “Only in Benidorm.”

The video has been viewed over 890,000 times with 45,000 likes and over 500 comments.

Social media users were quick to comment on the rather unique scenario.

One said: “That suitcase shop in the airport is like finally our first customer.”

Another said: “Only in Newcastle.”

A third said: “I’m absolutely creased, love it.”

Another said: “I don’t know why she went for the suitcase and not the passport.”

A fifth said: “Always wondered why they had luggage shops at airports.”

A follow up video shows a topless Darren stuffing his belongings in the discarded, worn, Louis Vuitton holdall that he found in the airport.

Speaking today, Grumet said: “His wife had gone away to Benidorm with the girls on the hen party a few weeks ago.

“We were going over this week for the stag and Darren thought that his wife would be ok with it but he only told her the night before.

The Louis Vuitton holdall
Darren found this bag in the bin and managed to use it. Credit: Grumet_Benidorm

“So he turned up at the airport with that and we couldn’t believe it but he just said that she’d hid his suitcase.

“The Ryanair staff were saying they couldn’t let him on the flight with that as his pants and socks might fall out and land on someone.

“He was panicking and didn’t know what to do but we found a Louis Vuitton bag in the bin and just chucked his stuff in it and luckily they let him through.

“We were just happy that he got through customs but it was hilarious, I think even the staff were trying not to laugh at times when they were saying he couldn’t use the bag for life.

“We were all in pieces, laughing away and he was sweating, it was comical.

“It was touch and go for Darren but we made the flight and can enjoy the stag now.”

Speaking today Darren said: “I got up in the morning and when I went downstairs I couldn’t find my case but all my clothes were on the table.

“I had packed my case the night before, she actually had hidden my suitcase in the boot of her car but I didn’t know that at the time.

Darren with his bag for life
Darren wondered into Newcastle Airport with his bag for life. Credit: Grumet_Benidorm

“I grabbed a bag and just shoved my stuff in it.

“When I got to the airport I was absolutely fuming, I was just thinking divorce.

“They took it in and weighed it and just looked at me and said you can’t go through with that.

“Security told me that anything that goes through has to be sealed so I was trying to find tape.

“Some of the boys went through to go to a suitcase shop but couldn’t come back through security.

“I was panicking thinking what can I do and then I spotted the bag at the bin and in my head I thought perfect this will do.

“I just wanted to get through security and I managed that but when I went to put it in the overhead locker the handle snapped off.

“My wife hid my wallet too so I’ve gone off on holiday with £140 to last me the week.”

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