Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
A HEARTLESS mum has been accused of killing her newborn daughter before dumping her body in a bin near her apartment.

The 24-year-old mum is currently facing trial in Moscow, Russia, after being arrested earlier this week when a passer-by found the tot’s body in a bin near the apartment block.


The mum will face trial for killing her newborn daughter[/caption]


A passer-by found the baby’s body in a bin[/caption]


The woman is expected to be charged in the next few days after the baby’s body was found in a bin near her apartment[/caption]

The witness immediately alerted the police who were accompanied by Deputy Prosecutor of the South-Eastern Administrative District Mikhail Sukharev and Deputy Prosecutor of the Lublin Interdistrict Prosecutor Igor Ordinartsev on site.

They reportedly immediately identified and caught the suspect, who claims the baby was stillborn.

During a follow-up interrogation, she told police officers that she delivered the stillborn baby on Friday, September 16.

After having realised that the baby was not alive, she placed it in a bag and then in a box before dumping it in a dumpster several days later.



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The Lublin Interdistrict Investigation Department reported that the woman is being investigated for murder on the grounds of a crime under Art. 106 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

She will reportedly be charged with “murder by the mother of a newborn child” by the public prosecutor in the following days.

Ongoing forensic examinations should reveal more information regarding the baby’s death.

In a similar case back in 2019, a mum threw her newborn son in a skip just moments after she gave birth at a party.

The mother-of-two, identified only as Yulia, was allegedly in the middle of a boozy party when she started having contractions in the city of Ryazan in western Russia.

After giving birth, the mother is said to have put her newborn into a rubbish bag and carried him out into the street, before throwing him away in a dumpster.

After getting rid of the child, Yulia allegedly returned to her flat and continued partying with her friends.

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