Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
A HOLIDAYMAKER was left with a £2,000 bill for a jet-ski after accidentally colliding with his friend in the sea during a lads holiday.

Brett Robson from Doncaster, Yorkshire was gutted after disaster struck during the incident in Marmaris, Turkey on Wednesday.

The 30-year-old had been enjoying himself on the water when he turned around to speak to his friend but ended up crashing right into him instead.

The pair ended up having to be rescued from the Aegean Sea by the man who they rented the jet ski’s from.

Thankfully they both escaped the head-on collision unscathed – however Brett was left with a hefty bill at the end to cover the cost of the damage.

Car dealership owner Brett claims he was surrounded by fifteen angry men who demanded he cough up he money as soon as he was back on dry land.

Brett posted a video about the incident on TikTok yesterday where it has attracted over 52,000 views online.

In the video, a man can be heard narrating saying: “They’re just looking at the damage and he’s just on the phone getting a price for the jet ski.

“He’s crying about the bill he’s going to have to pay.”

As the video cuts to the damaged jet ski, Brett says: “Nowt a bit of t-cut won’t sort out.”

The video then shows Brett throwing two bundles of cash on the table to the Turkish man.

He then says: “See you in a bit.”

Brett then records the owner of the jet ski as he prepares to take it to be fixed at a workshop.

The man says: “My friend, welcome to Turkey, welcome to Marmaris, why did you break my jet ski?

“My jet ski is rubbish now, I am going two days to the metallic station and they fix up my jet ski.

“Have a look at my jet ski please.”

Brett retorts: “Yeah, it’s f****d mate, I’d take it straight to the scrapyard.”

Viewers left comments after being shocked by the clip, while some believed he may have been ripped off.

One said: “You chucked him £2,000.”

Brett in Turkey
Brett was on holiday in Marmaris when the accident happened. Credit: Brett Robson

Another wrote: “He’s had your pants down, that’s £500 worth of fibreglass work at a push.”

A third commented: “Oh well, at least you had a laugh.”

Another added: “That’s what their insurance is for, I wouldn’t pay them a penny.”

While a fifth said: “Bro made his two months of wages in thirty minutes.”

Speaking today, Brett said: “Myself and a mate decided to head out into the water and I ended up going too fast towards them and hit him head on.

“We were lucky that there were no injuries but I did have to pay two thousand pounds in damages.

“We had to be rescued and they were very angry as the jet ski was only five days old.

“As we got back to shore about fifteen of them surrounded us and they thought I wasn’t going to pay.

“We had a little argument and they tried to tell me to sit down and I told them I was happy to stand and then I just asked them why they think they can intimidate me.

“I asked them how much it would cost at that point and then I got the money and chucked it on the table and left.”

Marmaris is a popular holiday destination in Turkey with stunning views which look onto the Aegean Sea, over half a million Brits visit the sun-soaked town every year.

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