Mon. Sep 26th, 2022
A BUNGLING council has been blasted for letting up to 12,000 new trees die in the summer drought.

The saplings were planted in spring to help tackle .


A bungling council let up to 12,000 new trees die in the summer drought[/caption]

But Gloucester city councillor Alastair Chambers said they were left to wilt as UK temperatures peaked at 40C (104F) in July.

He said: “Thirteen thousand, five hundred trees have been planted which is wonderful.

“What is not great is the ­management in the first few months was non-existent.

“No water management or maintenance has meant 95 per cent died.

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“This is such a waste of taxpayers’ money. Our managing director really needs to step up his game.”

In July the council said the tough jobs market meant it had struggled to employ a tree officer to check the health.

A spokesman said the summer was unprecedented and the tree loss “disappointing”.

He added: “We will be looking to replant where resources allow with a more robust care schedule in place.”

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