Sat. Oct 1st, 2022
POLICE in Iceland have arrested four people in a large-scale operation linked to preparations of a “terrorist attack”

It’s thought to be the first such arrests in the small island nation and those detained are reported to have links to Nordic far-right groups.


Police in Iceland have thwarted a terror plot[/caption]

Police said several semi-automatic weapons, including 3D-printed ones, had been seized at nine different locations, as well as “thousands” of rounds of ammunition.

“The origin of the police operations yesterday… was in the context of an investigation into the preparation of a terrorist attack,” said Karl Steinar Valsson, National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police.

Four Icelanders in their 20s were arrested in Kopavogur, a suburb of the capital Reykjavik, and the southwestern town of Mosfellsbaer in a large-scale operation on Wednesday involving some 50 men, police said.

Two of them had been remanded in custody on Thursday.

While potential motives were unknown, the targets are believed to be “various institutions of society” and “citizens of the state”, according to Valsson, possibly including the parliament and the police itself.

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