Thu. Oct 6th, 2022
CHLOE Sims has undergone a series of cosmetic procedures ahead of filming her new OnlyFans show.

The 40-year-old showed off a brand new look after transforming both her face and her bum before she starts shooting tomorrow.


Chloe Sim had her lips and jaw done recently[/caption]


The star showed off a new profile[/caption]

Chloe’s salon – Vogue Aesthetics – revealed the result and exactly what she had done with some incredible before and afters.

Starting with her face, they said: “A fresh new set of signature lips and a new structured jaw line for our beauty.”

Moving on to her bum, the salon shared:  “Using a premium body filler we have enhanced Chloe’s buttocks creating a more fuller and curvaceous shape. We also added to her hips to round off the look 😻

“300ml’s was used in total during this treatment. Chloe had already had previous BBL filler treatment done elsewhere beforehand.”

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Rounding off her work, Chloe headed to the dentist for her final teeth fitting and proudly showed off her bright white nashers.

She shared: “House of Sims filming has started, they are all filming today and I am starting tomorrow and I am so excited.”

Chloe quit Towie over the summer alongside sisters Frankie, 27, and Demi, 25, and announced they were launching their new show.

It will also star the girls’ brother Charlie and his fiancee Georgia Shults.

The family are said to have landed a £1 million deal for the show, which will document both life at home in Essex and on their travels to the USA.

Speaking about the new venture, Chloe said: “OFTV have given us the opportunity to follow our dreams, we are all so excited and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on, which is our brand new show.

“As a family we have so much more to offer our viewers, watch this space it’s going to HUGE!”


Chloe showed off her brand new lips[/caption]


The star also had a her bump plumped up[/caption]


Chloe is starting filming on her new show tomorrow[/caption]

Chloe has had her teeth done as well

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