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If you’re a landlord or homeowner in the UK, the law requires that you get an Energy Performance Certificate for your property before you can sell or rent it out to the public. If this is your first time hearing about an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC, many questions might be going through your head. Some of such questions might be; what is an EPC? Does my property already have one? How do I get one for my property?

If one or more of these questions crossed your mind, then you should know that you’re an EPC finder. In this post, we’ll help every EPC finder like yourself answer the tough questions and ultimately help you find your EPC if you initially had one.

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First things first,

What is an EPC? 

As an EPC finder, you should know what an EPC is. EPC is an abbreviation for energy performance certificate. An energy performance certificate is a document that tells you how energy efficient your property is. Since the law requires all properties to be energy efficient it will be in your best interest as an EPC finder to find your energy performance certificate as it’s the only way to prove that your property is energy efficient.

How you can locate an existing EPC?

If you’re an EPC finder, there are 2 possibilities when it comes to the issue of EPC. It’s either you already have one which you’re not aware of or you don’t have an EPC for your property. If you’re not sure of your EPC status, then follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to the EPC register website.

The EPC register website is the authorized site for every EPC-related complaint. You can find a copy of your EPC on the EPC register website.  

2. Input your reference number on the site.

When you’re on the EPC register website input the RRN of the EPC you’re looking for. A report reference number (RRN) is a 24-digit code that is attached to every EPC when it is initially created.

 Any EPC finder that inputs the report reference number of an EPC on the EPC register website will automatically get a copy of the EPC he is looking for.

If you’re an EPC finder that doesn’t know how to get the report reference number, simply contact the EPC assessor that produced the EPC report. You can locate the contact details of the EPC assessor by checking on the front page of the EPC report.

3. Use your property address.

If you can’t get your report reference number, then you can use your property address instead. Everyone can use their property address as an alternative to the report reference number. To do this, simply select the icon located at the left of the EPC register website which says “retrieve report using property address“. After you’ve clicked the tab, you’ll be required to input your property postcode. If you don’t have your postcode, you can use your property street or post town instead.

4. Save a copy of the EPC.

This is the last stage of finding an EPC. As an EPC finder, you’ll think this stage is a no-brainer but many other EPC finder might forget to save a copy of the EPC report. Save a copy of the EPC report to your computer and also print a hard copy. You might need it in the future.

If you’re an EPC finder and you follow the above steps, finding your EPC should be a walk in the park. However, if you did not have an existing EPC you will not find it on the EPC register website. Your best bet will be to obtain a new EPC for your property.

Obtaining a new EPC; a guide for an EPC finder.

Since you do not have an existing EPC, the next step should be to get a new one. 

First, you should check if your property needs an EPC. Not every EPC finder will need an EPC. Some properties are not required to have an EPC. A list of some of the properties that do not need an EPC includes.

  1. Temporary buildings that were built to be used for 2 years or less.
  2. Churches, mosques, or other places of worship.
  3. Residential properties designed to be used for 4 months.

Once you’ve verified that your property needs an EPC then the next step will be to hire an accredited EPC assessor.

 Just like an EPC finder will go through the trouble of looking for the report reference number, you’ll have to go through the stress of hiring a competent and accredited EPC assessor. Once you hire an accredited EPC assessor, 65% of your EPC problems are solved. The EPC assessor will assess your property to know whether your property is energy efficient. After the assessment, he will then issue an EPC for the property.

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